3 Best Affordable Luxury Watches for Women

A wristwatch is a statement piece of jewelry that serves many purposes. From enhancing your style to providing the function of timekeeping, a wristwatch is an adaptive accessory that stays in trend no matter the seasons or current fashions. The staying power of watches even in the times of digital devices and gadgets speaks volumes.

For many years, wrist watches for women have not been much popular as compared to men’s watches. Ladies’ watch categories took a backseat while the industry for men’s watches thrived for many years but that is not the case anymore. But luxury watches for women are now as popular as for men. Nowadays, women are wearing beautiful luxury watches as stand-alone pieces or pairing them up with other jewelry and loving their style. The market of luxury watches for women offers beautiful, versatile, and affordable pieces to choose from so that these fashion statements are now within reach for every stylish woman.

Here we will review and guide you to the 3 best affordable and highly fashionable watches you can treat yourself with.

1.     Guess 34 MM Crystal Watches – Bold and beautiful Watch for women: 

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Guess watches for women combine a luxurious style and classy look at a very affordable price that any woman can bring that bold look anywhere she goes. With a beautiful silver bracelet and pink dial, this ladies’ watch speaks nothing but luxury vibes.

The beautiful Guess watch has a polished stainless steel dial case that incorporates beautiful crystals surrounding the dial. This 34 MM dial case also integrates durable mineral crystal that not only gives the watch an edgy look but also serves the purpose of keeping the watch safe from scratches. The bold bracelet in this watch has a pilot buckle that makes it easy for you to secure the watch on your wrist and keep it there safely locked.

Similar to all luxury watches for women, this Guess 34 mm crystal watch has water resistance quality that makes it a long-lasting timepiece. The dial is embellished with beautiful crystals shining in place of numbers 2 to 5 and 7 to 11 while 6 and 12 have roman symbols mentioning them boldly and beautifully in silver tones matching those of the dial and the bracelet of the watch. Against the pink background of the dial, this silver gives a classy look that is perfect for business meetings or an evening date look. To top off the look, the timepiece has a Japanese quartz movement that makes it robust and low maintenance so you can wear it without having to provide too much extra care.

Prominent Features:

  • Polished stainless steel
  • 34 mm crystal keeps the watch scratch-free
  • Graceful colors
  • Sturdy pilot buckle
  • Affordable luxury watch
  • Japanese quartz movement
  • Battery included

2.     Hugo Cherish Women’s Quartz Watch – Stainless Steel Casual Watch:

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A combination of chic, fashionable and functional, this classy and casual Cherish women’s watch incorporates a graceful mirrored dial. The 28 mm stainless steel case gives the watch a simple and stylish look that is perfect for modern women. This watch has a beautiful mesh bracelet that will look elegant paired with any clothing of your choice.

The feminine color combinations of carnation gold on the dial and pale rose gold on the ion-plated stainless steel case and mesh bracelet make this one of the best affordable luxury watches for women. The attractive dial of the watch is encased beautifully and presents a beautiful brand logo in colors of rose gold. The Quartz movement on the watch not only makes it look sophisticated but also tells accurate time. The 2-hand Quartz also makes it a very low-maintenance and reliable timepiece.

This masterpiece luxury watch is made from durable mineral crystal which protects the dial glass from scratches and stains. The watch is also water resistant and comes with a two-year warranty.

Prominent features:

  • Ultra-Slim and Minimalistic design
  • 28 mm carnation gold plated stainless steel case and bracelet
  • Carnation gold dial with mineral crystal glass protection
  • Water-resistant
  • Affordable luxury timepiece

3.     Michael Kors 3-Hand Luxury Stainless Steel Watch:

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Whether you are donning a casual outfit or dressing up for a formal meet-up, this Michael Kors smart watch will look great with any style. The reliable battery-powered Quartz movement provides the watch practicality while simultaneously the casual classic design makes it elegant. This Michael Kors watch women prefer because it has a solid case which is made of stainless steel and a durable leather strap that fits the wrist perfectly. The dial on the watch is made of mineral crystal which protects the glass from impacts and scratches.

Although this Michael Kors smart watch is available in different colors, this black leather strap paired with a black dial provides a luxurious style with touches of modernity and newness. The watch is not only practical with all its other features, but it also offers endurance to water which means you can wear it for daily use with easy maintenance. The beautiful crystals on the dial along with the 3-hand quartz movement make this watch an epitome of class at an amazingly affordable price.

Prominent features:

  • Luxurious style with classy design
  • 38 mm stainless steel case
  • 18 mm band width of the leather strap 
  • Clasp closure
  • 3-hand analog display quartz movement
  • Water resistant to 50 meters (165 ft)
  • Affordable designer watch

The final word:

If there is one thing that everyone can do with more of, it’s time! And while having more time is not possible at all times, carrying a beautiful timepiece to remind you of its worth is now easy and affordable for everyone. A watch is the perfect statement piece to enhance your style while also keeping you alert about your precious time. 

Whether you are looking for a wristwatch that gives you a luxury look or a casual aura, you can opt for any one of these watches and reach your goal of looking classy and elegant. With these highly affordable, designer luxury watches for women, you can now look great no matter where you are headed or what style you are carrying.