Casio Men's G-Shock GW6900 Review

Casio Men's G-Shock GW6900

Sports watches are specifically engineered for athletes with additional features such as a stopwatch, and lap timer. These watches are different from casual ones and have cluttered and rugged design language. However, sports watches are not only for athletes, but anyone also who loves to explore adventures must investigate them.


We know you get confused by exploring the different variety of smartwatches. Considering the general requirements, we have chosen the two best sports watches. Let’s look at product recommendations.

Casio Men's G-Shock GW6900

Display Type: Dual Digital
Water resistance: 660 FT
Case:41 mm Resin
Movement: Quartz

Casio is one of the pioneers of premium watches, and sports watches are no exception as well. Casio G-shock GW6900 is part of Casio’s solar sports watch. The watch comes along with a unique and uncompromising solar power, so you don’t need not worry about the batteries of the watch. Being an atomic watch, accuracy is on point with +/- 15s per month.

Aside from solar technology, G-shock has premium astounding build quality with extreme comfort levels. This is what made Casio G-shock one of the best-selling sports watch series. Watch has plenty of features including Atomic time observance, World time of 48 cities, Built-in calendar and moon and tide data.

You get all this information on a Crisp digital screen. Sunlight visibility is excellent on Casio G-shock GW6900. Like other sports watches, this one also features a bright backlight. Watch’s crown and buttons give an almost flushed look to the body. It doesn’t affect the buttons’ feedback, and they work well.

Casio has the sleekest-looking sports watch design we have ever seen. They have beautifully maintained ruggedness and casual looks. Hence, Casio G-shock GW6900 can be the first choice of many young users.

Lightweight and comfortable
Sleek design
Excellent display quality

No swap buttons