Top 3 Dive Watches of 2022

Top 3 Dive Watches of 2022


The Top 3 dive watches of 2022 will continue to captivate watch lovers everywhere. These watches are the ultimate way to get into the water and enjoy all the activities it has to offer. This list includes the popular Submariner, Aquascaphe, Sea Wolf, Raider Harpoon, and more. Read on to discover the best models available now. Weigh up the features and price ranges of each to determine which is the best choice for you.


The Seiko SKX013 is a small version of the SXK007 diving watch. This watch is a good value for money and has a variety of features for various activities. It can also be bought on Amazon. If you’re looking for a dive watch that can handle everything from surfing to fishing, look no further than the Seiko SKX013! Its durable steel bracelet and do-anything capabilities make it a popular choice for many people.

The Seiko Classic is a good dive watch with a stopwatch, alarm, time, and date. It has enough capacity for even the most casual of dives. If you want a more rugged dive watch, check out the Seiko “Arnie” which has been featured in countless movies and is available in several different colors. A dive watch with a scratch-resistant plastic face makes it a great option for water sports.


The CW Aquascaphe is a renowned dive watch and one of the best bang-for-the-buck dive watches of the last decade. This new third-generation model boasts killer features for this price range, including a fully-lumen ceramic bezel, 600m water resistance, and a “light catcher” case. Its helium valve is one of the brightest in the industry, and it’s available in both classic steel and blacked-out OPS versions.

The design of the Aquascaphe is a retro-inspired take on the classic skin-diving watches of the past. The case is just 38mm wide with a lug-to-lug measurement of 47mm. Its thickness is just 12mm, which strikes the perfect balance between the original skin divers’ proportions and the current Aquascaphe. If you count the bezel, the Aquascaphe measures 39mm wide.

Sea Wolf

Founded in the 1950s, the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf dive watch has a long history of reliability. The popular model was once worn by U.S. military enlisted men and members of the Special Forces and is still highly regarded by dive watch aficionados. In addition to its robust construction, the Sea Wolf features a colorful bezel and improved underwater performance.

Unlike other dive watches, the Sea Wolf has a higher water resistance rating, with a maximum of 300 meters. While most divers do not plan to dive to this depth, many Sea Wolf owners will want to know how well they can withstand the pressure. While the watch isn’t the most affordable option, it does offer a lot of style for a modest price. It can rival watches that cost ten times as much.

The new Superocean is available in a variety of colors, including black, white, orange, blue, and orange. The watch can be ordered with a high-quality rubber strap or metal bracelet, but most users will prefer the black-coated steel. In addition to the upgraded movement, the new Sea Wolf has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal that prevents it from getting scratched.

Raider Harpoon

If you are looking for a dive watch that can withstand splashes of water, then look no further than the Raider Harpoon. A professional marine photographer tested the Raider Harpoon at the 1800-meter Condor Bank. The watch recorded dive times and even a second’s indicator, which made the time telling easy. The Raider Harpoon was rated highly by his colleagues.

The Superocean diver comes in stainless steel with a rotating counterclockwise bezel. Its dial is made of reed green ceramic, which provides excellent scratch resistance. The watch is powered by an in-house Auto Glashutte 39-11 movement and features a domed sapphire crystal. The watch features a rich heritage and is made of high-grade materials and has a surprisingly modern design.

This functional dive watch features big illuminated hour markers and hands. It features a 60mm unidirectional bezel, screw-down crown, and a date window. It comes with a titanium or silicone strap. Both have a hidden strap extender for diving. It is a perfect watch for any water sport! A look at the Raider Harpoon’s design and specs will inspire you to purchase one today!